About Me

Welcome to my store... This is my story... I fell in love with card making when I made my own Christmas cards in 1997.  I bought one stamp, one ink pad and just enough cardstock to make the exact number I needed to send one to every family member. While making each card I thought about the recipient and the good times we had over the last year. I personalized each card, or as I like to call it, adding a "little love".  Those first Christmas cards were a hit with my family. From that Christmas on, I was obsessed. 

I still make those cards every year and still send a little love to the recipient in each one.  The love that is put into each card will continue with the cards that I will sell in my online store.  I want each person who receives one of my handmade cards to know I made it with care and love as if I was making it for my own family member. 

 Thank you for shopping with me and supporting my handmade business, 

With Love, Cheryl