Corporate Greeting Cards

Are you an owner of a small business where you work one on one with clients and create a relationship with them?  Are you a hair stylist, home builder, realtor, mortgage broker, financial advisor? Do you work for a non profit who works with donors? 

Any of these businesses have a need to send thank you to their clients that have supported their business.  Sending a personal written thank you to your client is still "in style" even in this digital age.  Its an inexpensive way to show your appreciation for doing business with them. 

Little Black Crow Creations can create personal Thank You's for your business. What makes a handmade card stand out over a pre printed card you pulled out of a box of 500 that you bought from popular online website?  A handmade card to a client says, I took the time to seek out a one of a kind card for you because you are one of a kind.  

I can custom design a handmade card that is inspired from the way you do business.  We can include elements that make the card handmade and unique but still part of your branding. 

A simple thank you card can create life long customers.  

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